No D**kheads

It is a simple rule. To some it is controversial. However, it is a rule adhered to by the New Zealand All Blacks (the winningest sports entity on the planet and an organization renowned for its unique and special culture), several major professional sports teams and many well respected D1 hockey programs. Connecticut GC adheres to the no d**kheads policy. Effectively this means:

  • No individual is bigger than the group
  • Respect for your teammates and the opposition at all times
  • Respect the game
  • Respect for coaches and instructors

If you and/or your player (kids get second chances - parents do not) are unable to abide by this policy and the guidelines and expectations of the program as it relates to our approach and development philosophy…you are out.

Simply stated, this is non-negotiable and enforced. To learn why this policy matters…

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