This is a Tough Decision!

We get it. We've been there. Going down this road is about going against the established grain. Change makes people uncomfortable and it unsettles them.The discomfort comes from social pressure to maintain the norm and a perception that somehow, your child may fall behind in a competitive race.

There is little we can share with you on a website that can mitigate that unease. If what you and your family are doing now to play hockey feels like too much or you think, 'there must be a better way'...there is!

Questions to Ask Yourself

What is your son or daughters end game? High School, Prep School, College, Pro?

If so, the odds in the current model are immensely stacked against them to achieve those goals. Perhaps a model led by an athlete development specialist based on a development approach which has created the highest level of elite hockey athletes per capita might change that narrative.

Would you rather your son or daughter be good now or at 18?

Being a great hockey player at 10 is like being the smartest guy on your local public transportation bus route. It doesn’t mean much.

Would you rather your child’s youth sport coach care about their long-term sport/personal development or if they can help him/her win next Saturday’s game against another team of 8,9,10,11 year olds?

If you don’t know the answer to that…don’t call us.

Be Bold. Join Us.

Space is limited, but be:

  • Committed to wanting to be a better hockey player
  • Willing to abide by our development protocols
  • Embrace different

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