Touch Pucks Not A Seat Belt

Good Players. Great People.

Why You Should Join The Best Hockey Development Experience in New England


Up to 3X the amount of practice time per week. Our Squirts and Peewees will practice skills for 3-4 hours per week, if not more. They are on the ice approximately 6 hours per week. We practice for usually two hours.

A standard youth hockey program will get two practice hours per week. An elite program can get you 2-3 hours per week of practice. They will be 1 hour practices.


Travel to one of two rinks every week. Your child and your family will benefit from a radically reduced travel schedule because we only play exhibition games in our arenas (with the exception of tournaments).

If you are done spending endless hours in the car, where kids are touching seat belts more than pucks… then our approach may work for you.

Who Can Join Us?

Connecticut GC has programs for:

  • Mites U8 - including those who are relatively new to the game
  • Squirts U10
  • Peewees U12
  • Bantams U14

Skill Development

Connecticut GC creates opportunities for young hockey players to truly improve their overall hockey skills. Our goal is to provide young hockey players with an opportunity to be good not at age 10 but at age 18. Most organizations have tryouts to select their talent. Connecticut GC does not do tryouts. We develop our own athletes.

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